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The journey begins in Cameroon

How to join the C-Life journey

You can play a part in C-Life's journey of developing professionals in Cameroon to be servant leaders with integrity and excellence for the glory of God.


Meet the Team

Sheila Etonga
Founder & CEO
Matt and Elyse Derian
Marketing & Public Relations Directors
Debi Ndindjock
Media & Communication Director
Alain Maashe
Discipleship Program Director
Charity Maashe

C-Life News

Remembering C-Life’s Introduction to Cameroon

After three weeks of buses, taxis and people all around us—the honks sounding loud,

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C-Life will be located in the city of Buea (Bo-yah), Cameroon. Buea is found on the Eastern slopes of the Cameroon Mountain, nestled close to the Atlantic Ocean, South West of the country. Its cool weather, tea farms, close-by beaches and majestic mountain range makes this university town a place to visit. Expect to see, within two years, an apartment living facility being constructed, whose management will provide holistic care for its residents—Spiritual and socio-economical growth opportunities will make our community unique in the region.

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