We are glad you are interested in becoming a C-Life Employee. Our organization is built on many wonderful men and women who offer their time and talents to build and run C-Life to the glory of our Lord and the good of those we serve.

Below are some areas where we need your help:

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If you would like to use your time or talent to serve C-Life in any other areas not listed above, kindly volunteer here
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 C-Life Country Director


 Operations Associate and Leadership Coach Apply

Function of the Position

The Operations Associate and Leadership Coach, (Starts part time and with performance can be full time) is a support administrative role, and one that involves community engagement and training.

C-Life exist for the success of all the young leaders we serve though our program, so you are a key participant in making our dream come true.

You will be responsible for a strategic collaboration in recruiting, training candidates and administering all elements of the approved C-Life leadership program. You will lead in organizing C-Life’s Open House events (Every other month) and follow-up individually with those who are interested to participate in the C-Life program.
You will work directly with the Country Director. Consider this role to be an assistant to the C-Life Country Director. You must have the ability to teach and disciple young leaders in the program to reach their full potential.

Accountability and Supervision

The Operations Associate and Leadership Coach will be directly accountable to the C-Life Country Director in Cameroon. This position once transitioned to full time position, cannot be combined with another full or part time position outside C-Life, except negotiated in the contract before hand (Some kinds of other engagements can be considered, the key is to disclose what those are before the contract is signed).

Job Description:

  • Managing the recruitment process for young leaders (University Students & Young Professionals) in partnership with the Country Director
  • Leading the creation and management of a volunteer system
  • Responsible for supporting the Country director with agreed administrative roles
  • Work in partnership with the board finance chair to set up the C-Life Accounting system using QuickBooks
  • Promote the goodwill of C-Life by your lifestyle, through arranged speaking engagements, community service and mentorship

Education, Qualifications and experience required

    • A bachelor degree in any area, preference will be given to degrees related to community development, entrepreneurship or communication (This degree requirement can be waived with the right experience)

    • Excellent communication, presentation, networking and interpersonal skills with an ability / confidence to engage and represent C-Life at public forums, media and with donors.
    • Ability to engage and get buy-in from young people (20s-30 year olds) as well as community leaders—especially Pastors and University leaders
    • Strong computer skills especially in all Microsoft office systems
    • Social media active or willing to learn and engage in all aspects of social media
    • Strong ability to communicate in English and French -written and oral preferred, however being strong in English is a must

Character Characteristics required:

  • Be a spiritually mature Christian consistently growing with the Lord as evidenced by the fruits of the Spirit
  • Be a visionary leader capable of seeing beyond and seizing new possibilities.
  • Be a problem solver and excel in proper delegation of duties and responsibilities
  • Be a leader that creates and promotes an environment of spiritual growth, creativity, innovation and service to the needs of others.
  • Be able to show others how to do the work, do the work through others and perform without direct supervision.
  • Be one who understands the value of mentorship, and is always mentoring others.
  • Be a resource developer, effective in building people and passionate for cross –cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-tribal ministry.
  • Be a leader willing to learn from others, an excellent team player, and a servant leader exhibiting a desire for continuous intellectual and professional growth.
  • Believe in organizational values, mission and vision and is able to sign our faith statement found on our website